Full Charge Bookkeeping Services in Hampton, MD

Full Charge Bookkeeping Services in Hampton, MD

Doesn’t your business deserve the best? Contact Jay Smith CPA for full charge bookkeeping services in Hampton, MD. Let me comprehensively manage your financial information. I deliver laser-focused, real-time, accurate bookkeeping services. I’ll help you benchmark where you’ve been and tell you with actual numbers where you and your business are going.
Jay Smith CPA provides the best full charge bookkeeping services in Hampton, with years of experience balancing the most challenging accounts in many industries for business owners large and small. I provide the bookkeeping management your business needs.

Do not delay. Contact me now at 443-827-6599 or jay_smith_4@msn.com!

Local Certified Public Accountant in Hampton, Maryland

Are your books a mess? Are you looking for an expert accountant who can make sense of them for you? My wide range of experience in accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation make me the number one choice to provide the results your business needs.
I’ll conduct whatever deep dive is needed to reconcile your books. For invoices, accounts receivable, accounts payable, or cash flow, I provide spot-on financial reports so you can run your business the way you’ve always envisioned.

Call Jay Smith CPA now at 443-827-6599 to discuss in detail.

Interesting Facts

  • The ancient Romans were obsessed with counting. Their military bases kept track of everything, from how much grain they had to how many nails they kept in their workshops.
  • The first CPA test was given in New York in 1896.
  • Mick Jagger and Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin worked in accounting before their music careers took off.
  • Accounting has been around for thousands of years. Tokens were discovered dating back 7000 years in Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq, Turkey, and Syria). These are the earliest documented records of goods received and traded.